Intro to Yoli (Lloli) Jinguimia

Yoli (also spelled Lloli) Ginguimia is a Wounaan basket weaver born into the village of Maje. This larger village is set deep in the Darien rainforest, accessible by boat and occasionally by robust vehicle through a boulder-filed and washed-out path. She was born in 1984 and grew up in typically larger family of seven sisters and two brothers. Yoli and her husband Mamerto have four children of their own, two girls and two boys.

She began weaving very young, at twelve years old, because she saw other weavers around the village who were creating an income from their crafts. Yoli started with geometric designs, as a younger learner, and found she was drawn to then in her baskets. Today she still prefers creating detailed geometrics, with tiny straight stitches and radiating designs.

Like many other weavers, her husband Mamerto will gather the materials, a process which takes a full day to cut out the palms needed to shred and dry in the sun. Once he has gathered the materials he brings them to her for dying and for preparation to weave. Yoli uses her basket income to purchase food for her family of six, and t pay for her daughters education expenses at university.