About Sara Ginguimia

Sara Ginguimia is an indigenous Panamanian, of the Wounaan tribe. She is from the small remote village of Maje, Chiman, which is located in the dense Darien Rainforest.

Sara started weaving at 14 years old, taught by her older sister who encouraged her to create finer, smaller stitches and to sell her work.

She started weaving cultural design with just black and white colors, finally concentrating on perfecting the feather design. She spent years perfecting her design, including paw prints, and finally settled on the feather as her signature design. There is no other weaver who can execute this design with such small, straight stitches, and Sara is know by collectors for her feather pieces with interesting shapes.

Sara collects some of her own materials and dyes, and also purchases unique colors from other weavers. With her expert stitching, she also teaches weaving to help others learn her skill.

Sara grew up in the countryside, and prefers to live there raising her four children. With her basket income she has been able to help pay for her kids’ education, as well as help two of her sons build their own homes.