The carved Crested Guan weighs 12 oz, and sits 5″ L x 3″ W x 10″ H. It is signed by the carver on the base, Gertrudis, and shows a tall alert bird with high head feathers on long thin legs. Feather details are carved into the sides of wings and rounded eyes look curiously to the side.

Cocobolo is a dense rosewood, prized for its weight and beautiful lines. It is one of the main creative endeavors of many Wounaan men, who carve various animals first with a hatchet, and add finishes by hand sanding and applying a gloss to the completed piece. Each creation is unique, hand made by a single artisan, and may have markings on the outside of the piece as evidence of a handmade piece of art.

This piece shows many of the natural elements of the carver, from notches on the side of the base to the natural colors of the wood. Carvings are created using the darker reddish-brown heart of the wood. The sapwood is a creamy yellow, not often used in carvings except for a small section sometimes on the outer layer of the carving.