A grande piece, two feet wide, showcasing great copper triangles alternating with gray triangles. Each is lined with black and highlighted with a thick white stitching. Started in 2011 by weaver Isabella Negria, we have been eyeing the growth of this beautiful piece for several years, eagerly watching it grown and develop. For a few years we lost contact with the piece, and we were told the weaver, Isabella, had to stop because her eyesight got worse and she could no longer weave. The task of weaving with a tiny metal needle for hours on end is very detail oriented work, and it’s common for weavers to stop weaving when their eyesight changes with age.

A few years ago, another weaver offered to step in and complete the piece, something we have never heard of, a very unusual step in a community where each artist prides themselves on their unique style and designs. Celmira Chocho worked with Isabella to complete this large and wonderful design, finishing it in January of 2020. We are overjoyed at this collaborative piece, with oversized triangles and soft colors in a striking new masterpiece.

Geometric motifs draw their inspiration from multiple sources, including pre-Colombian textiles, ceramics and rock art. Baskets woven with these designs are often referred to as cultural, due to the fact that a large part of their inspiration stems from body paintings and patterns on spiritual paraphernalia used by village shamans.

This masterful coil construction work is created using thin shreds of Chunga palm fibers dyed into various colors, coiled over thicker Naguala palm. Vibrant and rich colors are all vegetal dyes created with roots, berries, leaves, river silt, and natural materials found in the abundant Darien rainforest.