A traditional hook and stepped design filled with cultural bands of geometric designs. Brown and black hooks alternate with black and white steps and white hooks on black. Completed in a tall, tapered shape. A beautiful cultural design hand stitched in oven a year by weaver Briceidita Mejia. Briceidita is one of the rarely talented artists who excels in both cultural and floral motifs. One of the most skilled artisans of the Wounaan tribe.

Geometric motifs draw their inspiration from multiple sources, including pre-Colombian textiles, ceramics and rock art. Baskets woven with these designs are often referred to as cultural, due to the fact that a large part of their inspiration stems from body paintings and patterns on spiritual paraphernalia used by village shamans.

These tattoos are applied frequently and last only a few weeks, fading quickly. The color comes from the juices of a locally found root vegetable, and applied using a few thin sticks. Painted designs go on clear and darken overnight into the deep rich color you see in many Wounaan and Embera tattoed subjects. Many believe the vegetable juices used to create these beautiful designs also has the properties of an insect repellent.