Museum quality floral with deep purples, reds and pink flowers. Small, detailed hummingbirds flow in-between the large, open flowers. Beautiful shape and perfect small stitches mark this as a masterpiece. This richly colored floral was woven during the artists pregnancy and finished while the artist Brisaidita Mejia was just weeks into welcoming her daughter into the world.

This masterful coil construction work is created using thin shreds of Chunga palm fibers dyed into various colors, coiled over thicker Naguala palm. Vibrant and rich colors are all vegetal dyes created with roots, berries, leaves, river silt, and natural materials found in the abundant Darien rainforest.

Size and Technique: 13″ W x 13″ H, silk-stitch technique creating a soft, silky feel to the finished piece. 14 months in construction.