A classic museum quality piece in both shape and motif. Black paws with pointy tipped claws climb up the sides of this beautiful pawprint. The stark contrast between the white creamy background and the rich black paws makes the design modern, finished at the top with a flaring row of black fish hooks.

Shaped in a perfect heart, with flared out rounded sides near the top and a slight, narrow base.

Pictorial motifs are called natura due to the fact that they are inspired by their natural surroundings. In fact, these designs often include local flowers, trees, birds, ocelots, jaguars, iguanas and other flora and fauna native to the Darién rainforest. Pictorial designs come in a variety of styles, some perfect renditions of the floral subject matter the weaver is conveying, and some an interpretation of the flora using angular shapes and shaded background.

Masterful coil construction Wounaan baskets are created using thin shreds of Chunga palm fibers dyed into various colors, coiled over thicker Naguala palm. Vibrant and rich colors are all vegetal dyes created with roots, berries, leaves, river silt, and natural materials found in the abundant Darien rainforest.