Quetzal & Heliconia Basket by weaver Selania Chamarra. Curly-tailed quetzales perched on floating branches, surrounded by colorful macaws. The center bird is a curly tailed quetzal, and you can see the woven swinging tail below the white tail feathers. Each quetzal is centered between four uniquely decorated, and repeated on 3 sides. In-between the quetzales and four birds are tall heliconia plants growing up a thick branch, The top is beautifully decorated in a colorful tribal diamond design.

A stunning contemporary piece that includes both popular colorful birds and a growing plant, started at the base, and finished at the top with a intricate diamond tribal design. This is a perfect example of why the Wounaan are so unique, blending both traditional and new pictorial elements into their work. The Wounaan weavers are surrounded by the rich and lush Darien rainforest where they gain their inspiration for new motifs, living in an old traditional manner.

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