Village Visit & Candid Shots

Twins in the Village


The twins did well traveling through new places, much better than we expected.

Plarisa and Baby


Plarisa and baby in the village of Maje. This is such a sweet photo of them both.

Visit with Weavers


A group of weavers we were lucky enough to get to spend time with and look at their new pieces.

Esperanza Weavers Group


We were extremely lucky to get to spend time looking at so many new creations, and noting new pieces still under construction.

Making friends


We were happily surprised how quickly the kids came together. I think they liked their new adventure.

Noting new pieces


When visiting weavers we often meet many in one single day. They wait patiently to show us their new creations, all covered in sheets and pillowcases. Once we finally get [...]

Mejia family house


The Mejia family house in the village of Maje. They family was kind enough to house Ed and his friend for their visit, making room for Ed's hammock and feeding them [...]

Mask Weavers House


One of the Embera weavers daughters standing guard while I'm inside seeing the newest works.

Landing in Maje


Pulling up to the waters edge on the boat to Maje. Ed took a truck most of the way (through streams, over boulders, with flat tires and all!), and finished the [...]

Kids in Esperanza


Our twins rolled in with their new friends seamlessly, despite a language barrier. They all seem to understand running!

Reviewing Pieces


We are lucky to get the chance to review many new beautiful pieces under construction - right with the weavers. This allows us to note the new, up-and-coming pieces that will [...]

Docking at Maje


Docking in the village of Maje, on the banks of the river Bayano. Maje is remote and the road undeveloped, so the main access is by canoe leaving from Panama City [...]

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