Embera Mask Weavers

Rosa Cabrera, Embera Mask Weaver


Rosa is a weaver of the Embera tribe, located near Panama City. She weaves a lot of different animals, and we especially like her horses and hummingbirds. She weaves her [...]

Adelaida’s Harpy Eagle


Adealida is a mask weaver of the Embera tribe. She weaves her masks out of shredded palm in the traditional manner, using bundles of palm to create a 3-D structure. [...]

Mask Weavers House


One of the Embera weavers daughters standing guard while I'm inside seeing the newest works.

Embera Mask Weavers


We are lucky to get the chance to spend time with Dorotea and Roxana, at the Embera weavers house. We saw 2 of their newest creations, meeting their little one and [...]

Dorotea & Roxana


We visited with mother and daughter weaving team Roxana and Dorotea, Embera weavers who weave the owls, monkeys, and hummingbirds that make up many pieces in our collection. They shared with [...]

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