Available Wounaan Baskets

Milda’s Minis


Milda is one of the most creative and talented weavers we have ever worked with. Younger than most master weavers, she usually creates grand masterpieces over several years, we were [...]

Margarita’s Floral


Margarita Chamarra's floral explodes with big flowers that fill two sides of this colorful new piece. Each of the flowers has detailed stamens and layered open petals with black outlines, [...]

Mardelis’ new Triangles


Thick wide triangles in contrasting black, white and browns fill the sides of this piece. We love the big, wide designs and how they create a bold pattern and straight [...]

Ludia Membache’s Hooks


Ludia stands here presenting her newest traditional piece featuring wide hooks. While her motif is traditional, the widened lines offer a more contemporary look. We have received this completed piece [...]

Black & Gray Hooks by Ines


Black stitches swirl around and around in alternating bands of hooks and keys. Ines weaves her design in a widened version of the traditional motif, making it look more modern, [...]

Eblina’s Bats


Bats in flight around the saides of this ecru colored piece. Each bat has tiny little stitches to create fangs and claws, and each of the wings has a slightly [...]

Adelaida’s Black & White


Bands of triangles and Greek keys in thick black lines. A traditional motif in a modern style with broad strokes in a sharply contrasting black and white. A beautiful shape, [...]

Tapered Black & White by Chong


At first glance we cant get over this fantastic shape: the tapered base coming together into a softly rounded top, flaring out at the top collar. Woven by a male [...]

Yanira’s Stunning Black and White


Yanira Mejia is showing her new black and white geometric. This is a beautiful piece with an incredible design of radiating hooks and diamonds. It was just completed in early [...]

Isabella Negria’s Grand Triangles


This grande piece by weaver Isabella is very exciting, she collaborated with another weaver to complete the piece that was started in 2011. We have seen designs like this, once [...]

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