Project Description

Adealida is a mask weaver of the Embera tribe. She weaves her masks out of shredded palm in the traditional manner, using bundles of palm to create a 3-D structure. Then coming in from the outside she weaves the colored palm strands around the outside of the cheeks, face, eyes and finally neck, to create a face for the animal.

Fuzzy looking parts are created by weaving thick colored palms once through from front to back, leaving the strands long and wide. Once enough strands have been pulled through and cut off at long lengths from the outside the weaver will ‘shred’ the thick strands using a needle. Finally, the long fuzzy parts are trimmed from the outside to create an even length all around the mask head.

This Harpy Eagle, the national bird of Panama, has telltale feathers sticking out of the top of his head and a woven hooked beak.

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