About Fredy (Luviana) Ginguimia

Wounaan weaver Fredy Gunguimia was born in Maje, Chiman on March, 20, 1981. She started weaving as a young girl at 12 years old, initially as part of a village game that involved weaving. As she grew up Fredy saw her sisters weaving more complicated designs, and they encouraged her to work on more serious baskets that were not children’s play.

Fredy learned by weaving geometric designs, eventually moving into florals and finally she became interested in more difficult designs such as the pawprint. She believes the paw prints are harder to create and likes the challenge and a chance to show off her weaving skills.

Fredy prefers to weave in her sister’s company, Sara, who is a renowned designer of the red and green feather motif. Fredy worked for four years on perfecting her quality of stitch, design and quality of her materials. Her husband, who is also a craftsman, will gather the materials she needs from the mountains, bring them back, and then she herself prefers to create the dyes to color her materials. Some weavers dye in larger weaver groups in order to trade colors and techniques, but Fredy prefers her own colors and the company of family.

Fredy lives in Maje with her husband and her three sons.