A collection of photos of the Wounaan weavers, Embera weavers, and also us on trips to visit with them. Artists below are holding their pieces, some available, some under construction and some no longer available. You can get a glimpse of the weavers lives, their surroundings, and place a name with a piece of art.

If you see a piece under construction that interests you, each of those pages allows you to email us and ask to ‘follow a piece’ through construction. We will send photos of pieces under construction and notify you when your piece is available. Browse and enjoy!


Loida Mejia’s Day & Night Floral

Wounaan masterweaver Loida's new midnight floral basket. The first floral that highlights both a daytime and nighttime floral motif. The motif is divided by black and white backgrounds that [...]


Eblina’s Bats

Bats in flight around the saides of this ecru colored piece. Each bat has tiny little stitches to create fangs and claws, and each of the wings has a [...]


Ludia Membache’s Hooks

Ludia stands here presenting her newest traditional piece featuring wide hooks. While her motif is traditional, the widened lines offer a more contemporary look. This completed piece has been [...]


Cristelia Mepaquito’s Bird in Ferns

We don't see many rib-stitched pieces, especially a pictorial motif like Cristelia's colorful Trogons in swinging ferns. A rib stitch is the style of weaving that emphasized the internal [...]


Yanira’s Stunning Black and White

Yanira Mejia is showing her new black and white geometric. This is a beautiful piece with an incredible design of radiating hooks and diamonds. This piece has been added [...]


Niyra’s Banded Hooks

Niyra Negria displays her traditional design of fish hooks in bands, alternating black and brown hooks. Black fish hook designs in wide lines are woven alongside a soft brown [...]


Margarita’s Floral

Margarita Chamarra's floral explodes with big flowers that fill two sides of this colorful new piece. Each of the flowers has detailed stamens and layered open petals with black [...]


Isabella Negria’s Grand Triangles

This grande piece by weaver Isabella is very exciting, she collaborated with another weaver to complete the piece that was started in 2011. We have seen designs like this, [...]


Mardelis’ new Triangles

Thick wide triangles in contrasting black, white and browns fill the sides of this piece. We love the big, wide designs and how they create a bold pattern and [...]


Cristina’s Famous Butterflies

Cristina Negria is well known and collected for her butterfly in ferns. She decorates each butterfly with a unique color combination and some have dots, some have stripes, some [...]


Pulpo on Black by Plarisa

Plarisa is a master weaver who creates amazing octopus (pulpo) motifs. We are so excited to see this one in a slightly smaller size, with all of the great [...]


Sarali’s B&W Modern Keys

Sarali's contrasting black and white shapes are widened to create a modern look. The interlocking wide keys swirl together around the sides, staying the same size from bottom to [...]


Leidi’s Detailed Eagles

Leidi is a knockout weaver, a masterweaver who just gets better and better. We are so very excited about all of the many details in this Harpy Eagle piece. [...]


Maruja’s Octopus in Coral

Maruja Membache's octopus in coral is one of the most fun pieces we expect to see this year or next. We can see the curling octopus legs in black, [...]


Telma Mejia’s Triangles

Telma Mejia is one of the top three weavers ever, maybe even the very best we have ever collected from. Her detailed cultural motifs have thick colors and thin [...]


Silvia Chocho’s Detailed Checks

The tiny detailed brown checkered pattern in this piece have our jaws dropping. Alternating with bands of tiny triangles in black and white, this piece is shaping up to [...]


Milda’s Minis

Milda is one of the most creative and talented weavers we have ever worked with. Younger than most master weavers, she usually creates grand masterpieces over several years, we [...]


Black & Gray Hooks by Ines

Black stitches swirl around and around in alternating bands of hooks and keys. Ines weaves her design in a widened version of the traditional motif, making it look more [...]


Ernestina’s Whopper of a B&W

One of the very largest and (almost) longest construction pieces we have seen. This striking black and white was started in 2013 and completed earlier in 2020, a full [...]


Elida Mejia’s Heliconia

Elida Mejia is the hands down master of this heliconia design, and this is likely my very favorite version of it. The actual heliconia plant is growing up and [...]


Elerinia’s Dizzying Chevron

Elerina Teucama's dizzying design reminds us of a chevron style. The small stitching alternates between black and white and surrounds the piece in a zig-zag that runs up and [...]


Rosa Cabrera, Embera Mask Weaver

Rosa is a weaver of the Embera tribe, located near Panama City. She weaves a lot of different animals, and we especially like her horses and hummingbirds. She weaves [...]


Adelaida’s Harpy Eagle

Adealida is a mask weaver of the Embera tribe. She weaves her masks out of shredded palm in the traditional manner, using bundles of palm to create a 3-D [...]


Adelaida’s Black & White

Bands of triangles and Greek keys in thick black lines. A traditional motif in a modern style with broad strokes in a sharply contrasting black and white. A beautiful [...]


Telma’s Angled Birds

Telma Mejia is one of the most followed weavers we represent. She creates bird-filled florals with sharp angled elements that create her expressive motifs. Each side of her piece [...]


Sara’s Modern Feather

A stunner of a modern piece by a masterweaver, Sara Ginguimia. This low, wide feather piece in pale brown and black features a signature disk with the weavers personalized [...]


Iliana’s Black & White Hooks

A new cultural inspired black and white geometric with crisp designs on a rich background. A larger sized piece with gently curved sides and a nicely rounded shape. The [...]


Draping Golden Triangles by Doris

Doris Bacorizo, a weaver who lives in the remote areas of the Darien, created a masterpiece with dropping gold and red diamonds on a black background. A modern shape [...]


Masterpiece Floral by Leydis

Leydis Hasmaca from the village of Maje surprised us with this beautiful floral. An unexpected masterpiece, full of open flowers and hummingbirds growing up the sides and filling out [...]


Tapered Black & White by Chong

At first glance we cant get over this fantastic shape: the tapered base coming together into a softly rounded top, flaring out at the top collar. Woven by a [...]


Milda’s Midnight Floral

Milda' breathtaking colorful floral on black has everything expected out of a museum quality piece. This beautifully stitched larger piece features different flower and color combinations on each of [...]


Briseidita Mejia’s Banded Cultural

Briseidita displays her larger new masterpiece, woven black and gray bands of hooks and steps. The piece is just starting to take shape on the sides, and will be [...]


Argelida Donisabe’s Grasshopper Floral

Arjelida's new floral with grasshoppers is just about the largest and most incredible basket we have seen in years. It's sides are covered in open flowers growing on a [...]


Araceli’s Black Feathers

Araceli holds her new sharply defined black feather piece. Pointed black feathers swirl up from the base. This is looking to be a dramatic geometric piece and with a [...]


Praseidi’s Modern Black & White

Prasedi Mejia showing her new modern black and white design. The base of this striking piece shows the bold thick lines of white radiating out towards the sides of [...]


Yanela’s floral

Yalena's floral shows tiny delicate hummingbirds, open colorful flowers in red, fuchsia, gold and with gray and black highlights. A lovely rounded piece with traditional floral elements. This piece [...]


Mitsuli Mejias Dark Floral

Mitsuli Mejia weaving a highly collectible motif, the midnight floral. This beautiful piece displays colorful flowers  - some outlined in white to help them stand out and give the [...]


Embera Mask Weavers

We are lucky to get the chance to spend time with Dorotea and Roxana, at the Embera weavers house. We saw 2 of their newest creations, meeting their little one [...]


Twins in the Village

The twins did well traveling through new places, much better than we expected.


Plarisa and Baby

Plarisa and baby in the village of Maje. This is such a sweet photo of them both.


Visit with Weavers

A group of weavers we were lucky enough to get to spend time with and look at their new pieces.


Esperanza Weavers Group

We were extremely lucky to get to spend time looking at so many new creations, and noting new pieces still under construction.


Making friends

We were happily surprised how quickly the kids came together. I think they liked their new adventure.


Noting new pieces

When visiting weavers we often meet many in one single day. They wait patiently to show us their new creations, all covered in sheets and pillowcases. Once we finally [...]


Mejia family house

The Mejia family house in the village of Maje. They family was kind enough to house Ed and his friend for their visit, making room for Ed's hammock and feeding [...]


Mask Weavers House

One of the Embera weavers daughters standing guard while I'm inside seeing the newest works.


Landing in Maje

Pulling up to the waters edge on the boat to Maje. Ed took a truck most of the way (through streams, over boulders, with flat tires and all!), and finished [...]


Kids in Esperanza

Our twins rolled in with their new friends seamlessly, despite a language barrier. They all seem to understand running!


Reviewing Pieces

We are lucky to get the chance to review many new beautiful pieces under construction - right with the weavers. This allows us to note the new, up-and-coming pieces that [...]


Dorotea & Roxana

We visited with mother and daughter weaving team Roxana and Dorotea, Embera weavers who weave the owls, monkeys, and hummingbirds that make up many pieces in our collection. They shared [...]


Docking at Maje

Docking in the village of Maje, on the banks of the river Bayano. Maje is remote and the road undeveloped, so the main access is by canoe leaving from Panama [...]