9.5 ” W x 7.5″ H | Brown & Tan Butterflies

9.5 ” W x 7.5″ H | Brown & Tan Butterflies


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Brown and blue detailed butterflies surround this bowl-shaped piece. Yellow spots, blue spots, red spots and thin, tall antennae decorate each open-winged butterfly.

Size and Technique: 9.5 ” W x 7.5″ H, rib stitch technique using larger rounded coils with the raised feel of corduroy to the finished piece. Months in construction.

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6" – 12" (15 cm – 30 cm)


Wounaan weaver

Time in construction

Months of hand-stitching by a Wounaan master weaver

Type of weave

Rib-stitched construction, resulting in a corduroy-like feel to the outside of the piece, with visible coil structure