8″ W x 8″ H | Hummingbird & Floral Masterpiece

8″ W x 8″ H | Hummingbird & Floral Masterpiece


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Spectacular floral with some of the finest stitches we have ever seen. Bright pinks contrast with deep blues in open flowers with detailed stamens seen falling out of the flower base. Several small green and blue birds fly over and between the luscious flowers.

Dimensions: 8″ W x 8″ H, silk-stitch technique creating a soft, silky feel to the finished piece. Months in construction.

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6" – 12" (15 cm – 30 cm)


Wounaan weaver

Time in construction

Months of hand-stitching by a Wounaan master weaver

Type of weave

Silk stitched construction, resulting in a smooth finish with the look and feel of a silk tapestry