5″ H x 12.25″ W | Rosy Floral

5″ H x 12.25″ W | Rosy Floral


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Low, wide contemporary shape. Big, bright flowers covering the surface of this museum quality piece. This masterful coil construction work is created using thin shreds of Chunga palm fibers dyed into various colors, coiled over thicker Naguala palm. Vibrant and rich colors are all vegetal dyes created with roots, berries, leaves, river silt, and natural materials found in the abundant Darien rainforest.

Size and Technique: 5″ H x 12.25″ W, silk-stitch technique creating a soft, silky feel to the finished piece. Fifteen months in construction.

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6" – 12" (15 cm – 30 cm)


Telma Mejia

Time in construction

15 months of hand-stitching by a Wounaan master weaver

Type of weave

Silk stitched construction, resulting in a smooth finish with the look and feel of a silk tapestry