11″ W x 6″ H | Lubecia’s Paws


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Detailed white paws on black with a colorful base. An incredible piece with impeccable motif and combination of black and white and colorful elements. Layers of colors decorate the base and the top collar of Lubecia’s latest masterpiece. One of the most collected weavers has created another masterpiece with beautiful stitching in a low, wide shape. A highlight for any collection.

Size & Technique: 11″ W x 6″ H,  silk-stitch technique creating a soft, silky feel to the finished piece. Months in construction.


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6" – 12" (15 cm – 30 cm)


Lubecia Membache

Time in construction

Months of hand-stitching by a Wounaan master weaver

Type of weave

Silk stitched construction, resulting in a smooth finish with the look and feel of a silk tapestry