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Hand-woven art by indigenous master weavers

Handmade in Panama by the indigenous Wounaan tribe, these vibrant and intricate baskets, now some of the rarest art forms across the globe, are the result of ancient weaving traditions passed through generations of the indigenous peoples of the Darién rainforest. Learn more about Wounaan woven art


DEEP FLORAL: Titled Deep Floral because of the rich, darkly colored flower petals on shades of dark green leaves. Flowers grow on a vine reaching from the base to the top, cradling petite hummingbirds. Completed with our favorite shape: the heart shape with slightly tapered base. Impeccable stitching over 14 months. More views.

ROSES: Milda is one of the most pictorial master weavers we we collect from. Her modern designs feature enlarged roses with almost painterly shading on the curling petals. Even the leaves show veins, highlighted coloring, outlines, and set in-between detailed butterflies and birds. Hand-stitched over 16 months. More views.


BATS: Weaver Simona created delicate bats with unparalleled details: tall brown ears, sharp little teeth and single-stitched claws. Deeply colored brown bodies stand out in their black colored wings. An incredible and unique design complimented by an intricate geometric base. Woven over 7 months. SOLD. View another bat piece, Emerita’s Bats.

HOOKS: Traditional motif with a modern twist by weaver Eliria. Fish hooks have been enlarged and interlock throughout the sides, alternating with pale gray and brown colors on a black background. Hand-stitched over 3 months. SOLD. View geometric motifs.


PAWS: Weaver Lubecia’s perfectly padded paws in white on a rich black base color. The striking white on black design is highlighted by an overlapping colorful floral design on the base, repeated in diamonds and ‘v’ shapes at the base. Impeccable stitching over 10 months. More views.

DIAMONDS: Sara’s thinly outlined black diamonds radiate from a delicate vertical line. Tiny red diamonds in columns alternate between black designs. The top is finished with a traditional black rim of triangles. Hand-stitched over 16 months. More views.

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