Contemporary Wounaan Hӧsig Di Basketry

Handmade in Panama by the indigenous Wounaan tribe, these vibrant and intricate baskets, now some of the rarest art forms across the globe, are the result of ancient weaving traditions passed through generations of the indigenous peoples of the Darién rainforest.

The Contemporary collection represents pieces stitched over months, often years, and have been called ‘the finest baskets in the world’ with several hundred stitches per inch. You will find small, palm-sized pieces which can move with you wherever your spaces flow, and pieces several feet wide, part of the Masterworks collection, which are statement-makers. The natural fibers used to create these pieces are colored with locally sourced vegetal dyes, and they are so finely stitched they often look more like a tapestry in basket shape than a traditional woven basket.

We also represent one of the largest Vintage collections, newly added, with pieces from the 80’s and early 90’s being added regularly. These pieces are often a bit smaller, with larger coils that look like more traditional Native American basketry. The motifs reflect an earlier understanding of shapes and colors, with fewer colors in most pieces, and the look and feel of a traditional native woven basket.

Welcome to Rainforest Baskets’ online gallery where we display some of the finest Hӧsig Di (the Wounaan term for “finest baskets”). Browse, inquire, build and expand your collection, or learn more about Wounaan baskets.


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